Press release of 05/22/2019

Edition from 22/05/19:

Very positive attitude towards banks - 2019 survey about the banks in Switzerland


The majority of respondents has a positive perception of Swiss banks and they are considered reliable, secure and an important employer. The banks’ positive image is the result of a combination of their commercial success and social responsibility, and the respondents’ positive experiences with them in everyday life. In addition to examining the perception of the reputation of Swiss banks and opinions about the financial centre, the 2019 survey also focused on the topic of pensions. In 2019, the survey was for the first time conducted by the research institute gfs.bern. The survey questions, methodology and statistical evaluation process were updated on this occasion.
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A framework for assessing financial impacts of physical climate change: A practitioner’s aide for the general insurance sector

A framework for assessing financial impacts of physical climate change: A practitioner’s aide for the general insurance sector

22 May 2019
With a foreword from David Rule (Executive Director of Insurance Supervision and sponsor of the working group), one-page executive summary, and short introduction, this report has been written by a cross-industry working group to outline a framework for practitioners in the general insurance sector to use to assess the financial impacts of physical climate change.
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Also published today:

Solvency II: Maintenance of the transitional measure on technical provisions - CP11/19

This consultation paper (CP) sets out the Prudential Regulation Authority’s (PRA) proposals to update Supervisory Statement SS6/16 ‘Maintenance of the ‘transitional measure on technical provisions’ under Solvency II’.

The proposals are aimed at:
  • providing additional guidance for firms proposing to use a proportionate approach to the transitional measure on technical provisions (TMTP) recalculation methodology; and
  • providing further clarity on the consistency of Solvency I and Solvency II methodologies. 
The CP is relevant to: UK insurance and reinsurance firms within the scope of Solvency II that have been granted approval to use the TMTP; the Society of Lloyds; and firms that are considering applying to use this transitional measure.
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  • 64910 - Financial leasing