A project in general is the beginning of an action established within a strategic planning of a company.

An international financial contribution may mean accelerating the materialization of such projects.

 A well-prepared project and a skilled team are the keys for managers to make the business plan competitive and attractive to the investor, with the support of financing and multilateral credit bases.

In addition, technically speaking, there should be no limitations on the specialists of the companies to collaborate so that the suit is prepared properly. Here's some advice for a project to be subsidized through external funding:

How to get the right financing for the project to leave the paper

The company recommends that the tenderer should start negotiations with a pre-analysis of the authorized company of the investment fund, before even submitting the lawsuit.

In addition, the manager must have within the team of the enterprise with trained collaborators, with experience and the use of technical capacity. This will characterize more assertive projects and agile procedures among the institutions involved.

What should be taken into account when preparing the projects to advance the process?

Basically, the technical basis and the indebtedness of the proponent. A well-regarded project hardly finds any barriers to its ability to deal with indebtedness, which is "its economic-financial capacity to take on new commitments, in the face of existing ones, so that its debt does not exceed pre-established limits."

How much does the external support help the management of the project so that the projects are carried out?

Regarding the financial aspects, without a doubt, it is the fact of obtaining the resource with interest and insufficient flexibility enough for the reality of the proponent. Already technically, the fund presents professionals specialized in the segment that the project intends to act. Usually such specialists have experience and experience in similar projects that allow and support the proper design of the lawsuit.

How should enterprise teams be prepared to seek resources?

Transparency is key. Having an informed team and with consistent and technical information is one of the main fundamentals for the funders to have initial confidence, to know the main segments of their enterprise, to know the procedures applied that will give the proponent a differential, usually our fund has the professional that will contribute to this analysis.

The process for approval of an external financing has its process started in YBBRIO BR and runs through phases ranging from the presentation of digitized documentation to the beginning of the process and until the end of the credit operation by the fund.

After the analysis is of total reliability of information transmitted to it.

Needing the analysis of proof of indebtedness capacity and repayment of the loan.

There may be diligence, where you will know the reality and evaluate the project.

* In real estate projects, information should be considered in the international presentation format, with information through video in 3d, demonstration of the project before and after construction through graphic technology resources, panoramic view, built property, furnished and operated, through graphic creation.

Included digital plans and information of the venture through its business plan and financial information of the project. (we will only analyze projects in these ways).

* If the client is enabled.
The analysis of the Lawsuit is made through the Letter of Consultation to YBBINVEST UK Ltd which is a Financing Litigation related to a project that will have external resources and must contain their respective components, products and costs, as well as the purpose and other information necessary for the assessment of the Lawsuit.
It should be noted that, depending on the specificity of the proposal, additional information may be requested by the fund in accordance with the laws of the United Kingdom.