Our greatest glory is not in the fact that we never fall, but in always getting up after each fall.
In my entrepreneurial life I learned that being an entrepreneur is to execute dreams, even if there are risks.

It means facing problems, even if you don't have the strength. It is walking through unknown places, even without a compass.

It is taking actions that no one has taken. It is to be aware that whoever wins without obstacles triumphs without glory.
It is not expecting an inheritance, but building a history ...

How many projects have you left behind? How many times fears have blocked our dreams.

Being an entrepreneur is not waiting for happiness to happen, but achieving it.

In 2020, with our increasingly solid team, we will continue to operate more efficiently and with less bureaucracy, even with this global health crisis this year, we remain active and present.

In this way and with the participation of a multifunctional team, we align our commitments in relation to orienting our operations towards the relentless pursuit of development.

Mr Alexandre Yokoyama
President & Founder