setembro 28, 2020

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Global global exchanges on the high week, seeking recovery from the declines seen last week, even with an increase in coronavirus cases and expectations in the political field.

Europe, European stock markets signal recovery after the worst week since June. News that the giant ArcelorMittal is negotiating to merge its assets in the United States with Cleveland-Cliffs, the largest producer of ore pellets in the country. Investors are concerned about the recent numbers that point to a major setback in the fight against coronavirus, which has caused the countries that make up the United Kingdom, as well as France and Spain (second third and sixth largest economies on the continent respectively), to give some steps back in the resumption of its economic activity, again imposing a series of measures that guide its citizens once again, to interrupt their social activities. Brexit case, with EU companies warning of the loss of 700,000 jobs in the event of a Brexit without a deal…

In Asia, over the weekend, the National Bureau of Statistics of China reported that the profit of the local industry grew 19.1% in August. The market operated mostly upward, with the exception of China. In Japan, Nikkei rose 1.32%, while South Korea's Kospi rose 1.29%. The Hang Seng index, from Hong Kong, with a high record of 1.04%. At the same time, China's Shanghai SE fell 0.06%.

International WTI oil futures (NYMEX: CL \ V20) are trading at $ 39.91, down -0.84%. Brent (NYMEX: BZ \ V20) also operates at a drop of -0.62%, traded at US $ 41.66.