setembro 08, 2020

Sustainability is shaping the future of banking

Sustainable finance remains one of the SBA’s top priorities, and holds significant potential for the Swiss financial centre. In this area, the SBA is focusing on attractive market-based framework conditions and sector initiatives. Following the SBA’s publication in the summer of guidelines on integrating sustainability into the advisory process for private clients, the Association is now focusing on three areas: disclosure, classification (taxonomy) and measurability. The SBA is working together with the federal government, the authorities and the sector to define the requirements for the disclosure of climate-related financial risks. The SBA supports efforts to develop a uniform and harmonised classification system and meaningful methods of measurement. These prerequisites must be in place to enable transparency and comparability as well as reliable statements regarding the effectiveness of different measures.

On behalf of the SBA, the research institute gfs.bern conducted a representative survey on “Sustainability and Banks”. The survey shows that the majority of the Swiss population is satisfied with the environmental sustainability of the banks. At the same time, however, the Swiss have expectations of banks and politicians. For example, they have expressed a wish for banks to always give information about sustainability aspects when providing advisory services. A significant majority of the population is also in favour of greater transparency with regard to sustainability aspects, as well as better framework conditions for sustainable investments and products.