agosto 21, 2018

Fato relevante YBBINVEST UK

London, August 21, 2018
Notice to the Market
YBBINVEST UK. hereby informs the market that on this date, in compliance with said Instruction, it presents the following information:
Transaction DescriptionNon Residential Rental Agreement Built to Suit, with property located in Dubai: Sheikh Zayed Road, Nassima Tower, 4th & 5th Floors - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
New operational support officeIt will be used as operational support in the Arab Emirates, by associates and company officials.

Description of the measures taken and procedures adopted to guarantee the commutativity of the TransactionThe Transaction followed all the guidelines set forth in the YBBINVEST UK Related Party Transactions Policy, ensuring that the terms agreed upon were in accordance with market practices and conditions typical of the contracted scope.
                                                                         YBBINVEST UK LTD.
Danielly felix Rodrigues
Managing Executive Director and
Director of Investor Relations
Alexandre Yokoyama

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