janeiro 22, 2015

YBBRIO estará na semana de Investimento Londres.


12 experts in 12 hours - 1 Amazing Day!

Get ready to learn the secrets to making money from trading!

Round-the-Clock-Trader takes place TODAY and I recommend you join the webinar to learn new skills and tips that could help you improve your trading returns.  There are 12 expert traders taking part in this huge 12 hour live on-line event which goes live from 9am UK time until 9pm.

Hosted by Simon Campbell, from London Investment Week, it really is a not-to-missed event that will inspire and educate you and provide you with insights about the markets in 2015.

Here´s the line up for today´s event.
  • 9am - Tom Hougaard, WhichWayToday.com
    •  Intra-day patterns in Stock Indices
  • 10am - Richard Muller, Alpha Harvest Ltd 
    • Forex options, the best way to manage currency trading risk!
  • 11am - Mike Hamilton, Trade-the-Easy-Way 
    • How to Simplify Forex Trading to Boost Profits
  • 12am - Thiru Nagappan, Master the Markets 
    • Elite Forex Trading Strategies
  • 1pm - Rob Colville, TheLazyTrader.com 
    • Set and Forget Trading: How to Make Money While You Sleep
  • 2pm - Ben Thompson, SG Listed Products 
    • Leverage ETPs; boost your returns whilst limiting your risk
  • 3pm - Lee Sandford, Trading College
    •  Undertstanding Fibonacci Symmetry for Spotting Major Reversals
  • 4pm - David Paul, VectorVest
    •  How to Locate and Trade the Fast Moves for Maximum Profit
  • 5pm - Steve Ruffley, Intertrader.com
    • What to expect from the markets in 2015 and the reasons why
  • 6pm - Jimmy Young, Tusa Trade 
    • A Day in the Life of an Institutional Forex Trader
  • 7pm - Guy Cohen, Flag Trader
    • How to Follow the Market Insiders for Profits in the Stock Market!
  • 8pm - Bo Yoder - 3D Apex Trading 
    • 3D Apex Predictive Failure Technology™ The Financial Industry's First REAL-TIME Risk Mitigation and Loss Avoidance Model