We are proud to introduce three new exclusive half-day pre-conference forex workshops for traders that will take place at London Olympia on Thursday 21st February, the day prior to the opening of the London Investor Show FOREX.

These half-day workshops are limited seating, paid-for workshops presented by expert tutors including Alpesh Patel, Tom Hougaard & David Paul, and John O'Donnell & Sam Seiden of Online Trading Academy.  Each workshop is priced at £199, but if you book before 31st January you save £40 and pay only £159.

GIVING IT ALL AWAY: two top traders give away their secrets
Start:  2.00 pm    End:  5.30 pm

Tom Hougaard and David Paul dispense with tradition (and the regurgitated TA books) and hand out their secrets.

Part 1 - Relative Strength Matrix and Morning Trade by Dr David Paul

Part 2 - Price Action and making money from it by Tom Hougaard

Tom Hougaard: A full time trader - who made 137% trading live in one year - knows a thing or two about trading. Tom holds two degrees which he claims means nothing when it comes to making money from trading.  After spending 10 years of tape watching and studying the markets he developed a penchant for crunching numbers and collecting data.  During his 10 years of working in the corporate sector as Chief Market Strategist for various brokerages in the City of London and being constantly consulted  by the financial press and TV, he is now grateful to the financial crisis for letting him 'off the hook' so that he devote all his time to the markets and his trading room WhichWayToday.com

Dr David Paul
By Tom Hougaard - I encountered David Paul by chance, whilst working in the City. A colleague who normally hates Technical Analysis had heard David speak about trading and psychology, and was mildly put ecstatic about the knowledge he acquired. I booked a seat on the next flight to Johannesburg, and sat through 4 days of training. I thought I knew it all before David. I was blind before I met David. He taught me to be aggressive, to push, to constantly evolve my trading. He put a different dimension to my trading.

To book your ticket for this, or one of the other two pre-conference workshops, please click here.  If you already have your show entry ticket booked, the system will connect the two bookings.  If you don't yet have an entry ticket for the show you can do so free of charge by using the special voucher code 'VIP' when asked on the registration form.

I look forward to meeting you at the London Investor Show FOREX!

Your sincerely
Lisa Campbell
Organiser of London Investor Show FOREX

PS - By securing your at one of these intensive half day workshop before 31st January you save £40 and pay only £159 inc. VAT.  Book now

Tom Hougaard
Speaker at London Investor Show FOREX 2013

Dr David Paul
Speaker at London Investor Show FOREX 2013

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Pre-Conference Workshops
This year we are delighted to announce the introduction of three special Pre-Conference Workshops that will take place on the Thursday afternoon prior to the main event opening on the Friday.  Choose from three exclusive 4 hour workshops which allow the presenters time to really coach you on the finer details of how their trading strategies work.  Choose from Alpesh Patel, Tom Hougaard & Dr David Paul, or John O'Donnell & Sam Seiden of OTA.  For details of the Pre-Conference Workshops please click here 
Workshops by Leading Experts
At the show you can arrange your day to attend the paid for workshops in the Auditorium (free if you use your VIP voucher code) plus a wide selection free seminars offering you guidance and education - from simple steps to getting started for beginners, through to more advanced trading psychology tips for the more experienced trader.  To read about all the Auditorium Workshop on offer at the show please click here.
Meet the Brokers and Service Providers
To be a successful trader you need the best tools to help you analyse the market and execute your trades, but which are the most reliable and professional?  By meeting the leading service providers face to face you'll be able to assess which company can offer the best services and prices to suit your individual needs as a trader.  To link to the exhibitors page and begin your research please click here.

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