YBBINVEST UK Investment Fund located in London specializes in acquisitions, growth capital, emerging companies and special situations. The fund seeks to invest in a number of industries including consumer products and services, financial services and real estate, industrial and natural resources, health and education, technology, media and telecommunications.

Understand Our Company:

We operate with all financial operations in our
operating platform in the UK UK where
we have our headquarters in London, City Point 1,
Ropemaker St - EC2Y 9HT, London, United Kingdom,
Company regitered: # 11109600.

UK Distribution Platform

The distribution platform offers
investors, investments linked to
investment management in platforms
in the main financial centers of the world.

Our Brazil branch office located in Rio de Janeiro, performs advisory services in customer acquisition, over-the-counter financial assets analysis, due diligence for ybbinvest uk london in customer acquisition and preliminary risk analysis of clients seeking funding, not we sell financial products, advise companies to attract international financial resources

This YBBINVEST UK office, duly registered, is a company and providing service and support, our Brazil offices located in SP and RJ have the purpose to operationalize, organize the Brazilian level operational issues of YBBINVEST UK, solely and exclusively.
Our headquarters is for the exclusive use of our service providers.

Site usage

YBBINVEST UK (ybbrio.com) has full intellectual property rights over all content and visual elements of the site. This information may not be used, copied, distributed, transmitted or modified unless expressly authorized by the marketing department.

The assets presented

All assets presented are analyzed by a team of specialists of our company, and the responsibility of acquisition is the buyer, who has all the content of the asset and analyze the disposition to be interpreted in the best way that suits you.

We are not responsible for losses or misuse of the analyzed asset.