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- Presentation / Business Plan

In order to receive a presentation of companies, which is capable of raising funds, we must first carry out an analysis of the Executive Summary. For it is usually the first section that investors will read.

An executive summary should briefly describe the company, the business, the products or services, and the unique opportunity offered. It should also provide a brief description of the partners, the management team, and an overview of the investment being requested.

It should contain comprehensive technical and financial information when investors (term usually known as payback). With clear and concise language, a characteristic that must pervade as a whole.

It is important to know some more information.

Understand the business plan:

 The Business Concept and the Opportunity

What characteristics will make your business a success?

Description of Products or Services

In a more technical way for the investor to know what the expected technological innovations will be for the next 10 years.

 The market

Who are your consumers? How big is the market for your products? Who are the competitors? Why are you better than them? What are your market share projections? Why do you believe them?

Members and Management

This point is crucial. with the discretion of the key components of the team and how they will lead the business toward success. It should be clear that this team is experienced and able to achieve the goals set out in the business plan as well as bring credibility to the business.

The Required Financing

How much has been invested to date? How much more should be invested? What are the projected revenue for the next three years? What will the funds be? What will be the return to investors? What is the strategy of abandoning the business (in case something goes wrong or gets out of control)?

Products and services,

Shows a good range in the description of products and services, Advantages of products and services, Own characteristics and Product development activities.

Sector Analysis

I need a brief description of the well-rounded industry niche of the company's current industry participants and the trends and growth patterns of the industry.

Marketing plan
Target Market Demographic Indicators
Target market trends and growth patterns
Current and potential market size
Pricing strategies and market positioning
Direct competitors
Indirect Competitors
Comparison of strengths and weaknesses
Market niche
Market share analysis
Barriers to entry

Sales strategy

Description of the sales process
Distribution Channels
Service policies and guarantees

Operational Planning

Purchasing Policy
Manufacturing Processes

Quality control policy
Administrative procedures
Admission of employees and training
Labor aspects

Company organization chart

Executive Team
President and Directors

Financial planning

                              Financial summary

Financial statements for the last three to five years
Financial projections for the next three to five years
Break-Even Analysis

Financial indicators
Request for financing
Statement of Source and Applications of Resources

                              Withdrawal Strategy

Samples and figures of the best products
Executive Team Resumes
Information on the location of the company exists but it would be important to attach some legal documents
building permits and affiliations in which bodies.

Adequate and company for the capture of international financial resources where each continent has its characteristics, if you want to seek resources in the international scope will have to suit some international and national standards as well.

All resources raised through external loans must be applied in economic activities, in accordance with the applicable legislation, respecting the compatibility between the parameters usually observed in international markets.

Regardless of whether they are contracted by public or private sector entities, all funds admitted to Brazil as external loans are subject to registration with the Central Bank, known as ROF. Any change in the records of external lending operations, including renewals and extensions, is subject to prior consent of the Bank.

In order to register in the ROF, the policy holder or his / her legal representative must inform:
all the holders of the transaction (debtor representative shall state:
all the holders of the transaction (debtor, creditors, agents, guarantors, etc.);
the financial conditions and the term of payment of principal, interest and charges;the manifestation of the creditor or the document containing the conditions of the transaction, as well as the manifestation of the guarantor, if any and other requirements requested in the screens of the respective SISBACEN transaction.

Appreciation procedure

1st Step
Definition of the relationship between the investment fund and the client

2nd Step
Obtaining customer information, data and goals, project, executive summary and exposure of your business

Step 3
Analysis and evaluation of the financial conditions of the client and its business plan, financial capacity

4th Step
Suggestion of alternatives for raising financial resources for the client

Step 5
Execution of the recommendations to the fund that will analyze the proposal of resource and project

6th Step
Monitoring of the project with the investment fund